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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

´╗┐Carlisle engineer has built some of Britain's most beautiful bridges

have a watercolour artist impression I submitted with the bid. Everyone says it more beautiful than the one which was built. was invited to speak at a bridge builders conference in London. The debate was whether engineers should be allowed to design bridges or whether architects have a better understanding of creating iconic structures.

bridge that was built; they had a great deal of difficulty with the foundations in the water. I remember reading about all these difficulties with a very large smile on my face.

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

Michael doesn remember the man who feared for his safety. But more than 50 years later he wonders if the seeds of his life had been sown even then; if it was inevitable Nike Air More Uptempo Olympic Foot Locker

decided to go for a bridge I knew would be slightly more expensive but less risky: a long span bridge with foundations out of the water. That decision cost us the bid. But it was the right design. tries to dismiss its rejection by saying can win them all but seeing his bid snubbed clearly hurt.

always been practical. I had some beautiful white fantailed doves and I built a pigeon loft in the back garden. My uncle got an old crate and we converted it. That was probably my first major piece of construction! Robert Ferguson School Michael bounced back from his 11 plus setback. At Carlisle Technical College he sailed through five A levels and onto a civil engineering degree at Leeds University.

Her son job takes him all over Scotland, over the bridges he helped to build. And when he talks about them there a glimpse of the little boy who scampered along Holme Head Bridge all those years ago.

comes a Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White point where you have to say it or don That particular two minutes where I making my mind up was the most stressful point in my life. I pressed the button and told them to lift it.

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

you get the engineering right, the form of the engineering is beautiful in its own right. It a natural thing. If it works right then it looks right. was asked by Morrison to set up a division bidding for Private Finance Initiative (PFI) work. His first bid was successful, winning the contract to upgrade the A69 between Carlisle and Newcastle, build a bypass at Haltwhistle and maintain the road for 25 years. was the UK first PFI road contract. And it was great to win a job close to my home town. team won other major PFI jobs, including the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. While he enjoyed the challenges involved in making deals, Michael admits to missing the thrill of breathing life into a drawing board plan.

Michael and Mary Nike Uptempo Wheat On Feet

Michael first major project was as an engineer on Kessock Bridge near Inverness. His next assignment made his reputation.

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

produced over 250 drawings to explain to people on site how to build the bridge. It could fall down at any stage of construction if it wasn adequately supported. Only when it finished is it stable.

Then, after six months, boredom struck. The solution was Scottish Water Solutions. Since 2006 Michael has been chief operating officer of this partnership between publicly owned Scottish Water and numerous private companies. He oversees a billion programme delivering more than 2,500 projects all over Scotland.

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This gentleman had caught the three year old Michael scampering along the outside of Holme Head Bridge, which begins at the end of the street and crosses the River Caldew, leading to Maryport Cottages and the Currock footbridge.

section sat on a barge about 25 metres underneath the bridge. We been due to lift it at dead low tide but we been delayed.

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failed the 11 plus because I couldn spell, says Michael, 57, in his softly spoken Carlisle accent, slightly cautious about himself rather than his work being in the spotlight.

PFI you dealing with bankers and lawyers, not engineers. Engineering teaches you to solve problems so you still using that skill. But yes, there is a part of you that misses building something. retired at the tender age of 52. He indulged his love of salmon fishing and reduced his golf handicap to single figures. (With an appropriate level of mathematical detail he reveals that he got it down to 8.8.)

whole thing was very stressful. The company was losing a great deal of money building this bridge. It was very difficult for Mary. I told her I had to apply myself completely to get the job finished. For the last month I based myself on site in a caravan. Michael about the most nerve wracking experience of his life and he instantly rewinds to 1984 and the day the bridge 350 ton centre section was lifted into position in front of hundreds of locals and several TV crews.

He and Mary spent three years in London before making a welcome escape to the country.

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

This half mile monster presented its own challenges but Michael overcame them, contributing more to the design. The stress of Kylesku had become a fuel that he could draw on at any time.

He met his future wife, Mary McFeeters, while at the Tech College. she first saw me I had a massive black eye, having been clouted in the face playing football. I lost two front teeth and split my eye. But she didn seem to mind too much. I went off to university and Mary went to teacher training college. graduated in 1975 and landed a coveted job with Ove Arup and Partners: the engineering company which had just built Sydney Opera House.

have two grown up sons and homes in Inverness and Edinburgh. Michael returns to Carlisle every few weeks to see his mother Julie, who lives not far from Denton Street.

Michael was tasked with building a curved bridge which linked two headlands. The sweep which delights the eye devoured two years of his life as he tweaked the design to make it buildable.

that he would go on to fulfil his fascination with bridges.

lot of people felt Skye Bridge wasn very attractive. With a number of iconic bridges in Scotland, like the Forth Rail Bridge, the engineering form is the dominant factor.

started to lift. As soon as the bridge was lifted into place, the bloody driver of the tug that was holding the barge decided he would toot his horn in celebration. That wasn planned! There was about a 50 per cent increase in my blood pressure. bridge was opened by the Queen, who was among the first of many to praise Michael work. said that it was beautiful. I delighted, looking back. The bridge won so many awards we had to build a special plaque on it to list them all. spent the next two years as chief engineer of Dornoch Bridge in Scotland north east.

helps you to understand pressure. You build up a resistance to it and you develop coping strategies. Don allow those pressures to become unbearable or affect the job. Skye proved a bridge too Nike Uptempo Reflective Release Date

He joined Morrison Construction Group and was chief engineer on Kylesku Bridge in the north west of Scotland.

was an exceptionally difficult bridge to build. It doesn have a straight line on it. Normally the joiners and the steel fixers can understand how to read the drawings. At Kylesku virtually everything had to be explained at a level of detail I wasn used to.

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far. In the early 1990s Michael spent a year planning a bid to build the structure linking the Isle of Skye to the Scottish mainland.

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

Kylesku I stand there in the car park and think a fantastic bridge. I feel my heartbeat rise. I think of them as my bridges. They not just for your lifetime but for years and years to come.

Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Black Anthracite & White

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