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Facts: State money is not used to pay for abortions. Cutting money to the group an estimated $600,000 this year would cause Iowa to lose nearly $6 million in federal matching grants, according to a spokeswoman. For every dollar spent on unwanted pregnancy prevention, society saves about $4 in the first year alone, according to the group.

social programs. The only government services that illegal immigrants are eligible for are elementary and secondary public education and emergency health care. House Republicans generated the $92 million estimate using a 2007 report from the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency that divided total spending from the state general fund by the state's total population to calculate how much in benefits each Iowa resident receives annually. The figure does not represent cash payments but rather each person's share of benefit from state spending on areas such as roads and schools.

Nike Vapormax Black And Blue

Viewpoint: "I am surprised" by the opposition to septic sewer inspections, said Doug Groux, Winneshiek County's sanitarian. "Iowa has a low ranking water quality. This helps to get rid of the raw discharge waste from private sewer systems, and it is one way to help clean up the waters of Iowa."Statement: Vander Plaats and Roberts said they would make sure that state money would not be used to help illegal immigrants, which they said could save roughly $92 million.

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Nike Vapormax Black And Blue

Facts: State officials consider farms as commercial properties that require state inspections after electrical work is completed. Agriculture advocates tried this year to repeal the inspection mandate, saying it's redundant, especially if a licensed electrician completed the work.

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undocumented immigrant eligibility for state spending does not appear to be a viable policy option."

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Area Education Agencies

Viewpoint: The state inspection can delay progress and add hundreds of dollars in costs to farmers, said Don Petersen, director of government relations for the Iowa Farm Bureau.

Facts: Area Education Agencies provide much of Iowa's teacher training and employ many of the specialists providing special education services. Many of the special education services are required by federal law. The state contributes roughly $108 million in annual allocations, which helps the state qualify for hundreds of millions of additional money from the federal government. Of the state's money, roughly $93 million is spent directly on special education services, an AEA official said Thursday. Merging some AEA services could make the state ineligible for some federal grants, said Brent Siegrist, a former Republican Iowa House speaker who is state services director for Iowa's agencies. Siegrist also noted that AEAs have consolidated from 15 to 10 agencies in the past decade to become more efficient. Another merger will take place in July, leaving nine agencies.

Report: "Undocumented immigrants qualify for few services at the state level, and those for which they do qualify are largely mandated by federal law or the courts," according to the 2007 LSA report. "Therefore, decreasing Nike Air Max Uptempo Price

Septic tanks, electrician rules

Nike Vapormax Black And Blue

and Branstad said they would redefine or reorganize Area Education Agencies. Said Vander Plaats: "Being a former educator, I believe we need to take a look at the AEA system that we have in the state of Iowa. That, at best guess, is about a $400 million bureaucracy on top of classroom."

Facts: Any property owner in the state with a septic sewer system on the property must complete an inspection before ownership can be transferred, under a law that took effect last year. The law was adopted because malfunctioning sewers can discharge bacteria and other disease carrying contaminants into water systems, causing illness or death to residents. Iowa offers low interest loans to owners of property with faulty systems. The cost of a new system is typically around $8,000, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

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Nike Vapormax Black And Blue

Nike Vapormax Black And Blue

Facts: A federal law passed in 2008 already requires the state to document citizenship before providing services in most Nike Air More Uptempo Varsity Red/White/Black

Statement: Requiring septic sewer inspections before properties are sold is an example of a regulation that should be repealed, said Bob Vander Plaats. Branstad and Rod Roberts mentioned a law that requires state inspections of electrical work on farms as an example of overregulation.

Viewpoint: "The thinking that there's a lot of money to be saved by reorganizing is misplaced because that's money that goes into direct services," Siegrist said.

Said Terry Branstad: "Funding for groups like , that are using tax monies and they're involved in promoting abortion, although the money they get from the state may not be used for abortions, I don't think the state should be funding that."

Statement: Vander Plaats Adidas Prophere On Feet

Nike Vapormax Black And Blue

Viewpoint: "It's unanimous among the Republican candidates Nike Vapormax Black And Blue that they would punish low income women seeking birth control by eliminating funding for the largest provider of contraception in the state of Iowa," said Jill June, president and CEO of of the Heartland. "That's pretty startling."

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