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Josh Hanna, a senior adviser for the company, said the 1940 census will be the biggest database of its kind. "It'll be the deepest level of indexing we've ever done," he said. Access to the index and tools will be available for free through the end of 2013.

Margo Anderson, a census historian, said the records could help answer questions about Japanese Americans interned in camps after the outbreak of WWII.

entire census on the Internet its biggest digitization effort to date.

In a first for the National Archives and Records Administration, the nation's recordkeeper plans to post the Nike Uptempo Nyc Release Date

"What we'll be able to do now, which we really couldn't do, is to take a look at what the Japanese American community looked like on the eve of evacuation," said Anderson, a professor of history and urban studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Census Bureau.

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The bureau also hired the managing editor of "Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life" to galvanize support in the black community. However, studies in the 1940s revealed undercounts, including 13 percent of draft age black men.

Some of the most contentious questions focused on personal income and were deemed so sensitive they were Nike Vapormax Blue And White placed at the end of the survey. Less than 300,000 people opted to have their income responses sealed.

about some new questions, the bureau launched its biggest outreach and promotional campaign up to that time, according to records obtained at the Franklin D.

In part because of the need to overcome a growing reluctance by the American public to answer questionnaires and fears Nike Air Uptempo Pippen Shoes

Movie studios were enlisted to encourage their film stars to participate, including Cesar Romero, who later played the Joker in the Batman television series. A photograph of President Franklin D. Roosevelt taking the census also was used for the campaign.

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"It's such a rare gift," he said of the public's access to census records, "especially for people who believe that establishing their family trees is Nike Uptempo Chi Release Date

It opened its first Division of Public Affairs to blanket the country with its message, reaching out to over 10,000 publications and recruiting public officials, clergy and business owners to promote it.

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Still, finding a name in the 3.8 million digitized images won't be as easy as a Google search: It could be at least six months after the release before a nationwide name index is created.

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Genealogy societies and libraries also have been holding packed workshops to educate their members.

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Nike Vapormax Blue And White

In January, about three dozen people gathered in Manhattan for a meeting of the MetroNY Genealogy Computers Special Interest Group to discuss the census. They included Michelle Novak, who has spent six years searching for information about her paternal grandfather, but has no street address to help locate him.

That might be unsurprising given that increasingly popular online ancestry services make vast amounts of genealogical data available. But for previous decennial census releases, researchers had to trek to NARA branches to crank through microfilm machines.

For genealogists and family historians, the 1940 census release is the most important disclosure of ancestral secrets in a decade and could shake the branches of many family trees. Scholars expect the records to help draw a more pointillistic portrait of a transformative decade in American life.

Other individuals and organizations across the country are also working to ease the use of the records, including the New York Public Library, which is digitizing the full set of New York City's 1940 telephone books to help people locate addresses.

The survey contained 34 questions directed at all households, plus 16 supplemental questions asked of 5 percent of the population. New questions reflected the government's intent on documenting the turbulent decade, by generating data on homelessness, migration, widespread unemployment, irregular salaries and fertility decline.

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´╗┐Census to be released for first time to public on April 2 photos

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experienced mass unemployment and social upheaval as the nation clawed its way out of the Great Depression and rumblings of global war were heard from abroad. government releases the 1940 census on April 2 to the public for the first time after 72 years of privacy protection lapses.

In the meantime, researchers will need an address to determine a census enumeration district a way to carve up the map for surveying to identify where someone lived and then browse the records.

Researchers might be able to follow the movement of refugees from war torn Europe in the latter half of the 1930s; sketch out in more detail where 100,000 Japanese Americans interned during World War II were living before they were removed; and more fully trace the decades long migration of blacks from the rural South to cities.

important for understanding their relationship to American democracy, the history of our country, and to a larger sense of themselves."

Some experts said enthusiasm for the release could be dampened by the lack of a name index, especially for novices. "It's like showing up on Black Friday.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., a Harvard University professor and scholar of black history who has promoted the tracing of family ancestry through popular television shows, said the release of the records will be a "great contribution to American society."

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Nike Vapormax Blue And White

Gates, whose PBS series "Finding Your Roots" begins March 25, said the "goldmine" of 1940 records would add important layers of detail to an existing collection of opened census records dating to 1790.

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