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Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Animals feel pain, they feel fear. Compassion has to come into it.

animals are not only cruel but unreliable. The effects of a chemical on a rabbit are completely different from those on a human. If the same animal test is conducted twice then it only has a 50 per cent chance of reaching the same result both times.

But we are all mammals, we have similar internal systems, and we are so similar that we can share the same diseases swine flu is one example. Many medicines developed for humans are also used to treat the same illnesses in animals.

It's always going to be a tough one for anyone who loves animals. But if it was my son who was seriously ill then I would do everything that could be done to save him, and in that case I could justify experiments on animals. You would do anything to protect your own child.

Everyone in science wants to reduce the number of animals used in research and there are some really great advances going on in techniques such as computer modelling.

Some Nike Vapormax Blue Navy people argue they are only animals but the animals themselves can't voice an opinion about it.

I am a massive animal lover but I'm also a mother.

I work for Lush because of their views against testing cosmetics on animals. I am a true animal lover and think that the welfare of animals is a responsibility for everyone.

UK law demands that any drug released onto the market has gone through animal testing. We do have to be careful when using animals because there are important differences.

The Cosmetics Directive was passed into EU law 20 years ago, but for years there have been delays on its Supreme Nike Uptempo Black

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Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

full enactment. Now the public think it's not happening anymore, but the problem is still here, and we stand up for the customer's right to buy a product they know is cruelty free.

chemicals we spread on the land. Why should animals have to suffer for something that we've caused?

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Until technology is more advanced we will not be at the stage where we will be happy to release a medicine that hasn't first been tested on a living organism.

A lot of the diseases being researched, such as heart disease and many cancers, are caused by our lifestyles, our diets, the Black Nike Uptempo

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

It's big business that drives this. There are people making huge profits by breeding animals for experiments.

I would test any drug on myself if he was sick and I thought it was going to save his life.

It's a different question when it comes to medical research. A cure for cancer is a lot more important than new cosmetics. But what happens to animals and what happens to humans is very different. The research is still unreliable.

It is a question I really struggle with. I was always against any animal research, and if testing a new treatment meant an animal suffering then I couldn't agree with it.

And there are plenty of alternatives now. Penicillin wasn't developed through animal experiments, the Doctor Hadwen Trust funds scientists and doctors who carry out research without using animals.

However I am on three different drugs for my illness, and I was one of the first people to take them. I know that before they were prescribed for humans they were tested on rats. So indirectly animal experiments have saved my life.

For years they've been telling us they're on the verge of finding some new treatment and then discover that when they try it on humans it doesn't work.

Can testing on animals ever be justified

But we have to know what happens when a pill enters a whole living organism, not just one cell, and at the moment there's no accurate way to do that except with an animal.

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

Nike Vapormax Blue Navy

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