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Q: When you use that kind of language, it almost seems like somebody is doing something unethical. Is that too strong? Is it too strong to say there is something unethical going on?

A: Well, in some respects it's extremely difficult because I really enjoy working in Orillia and I'd hoped to work at least a couple more years before I retired.

A: Well, certainly I think we've built an extremely strong team. I get along really well with the staff team. I think they are producing extremely positive results. Certainly, no one is indispensable in an organization. I think that they will carry on just fine. I think in part we gel very well and we'll see whether the next CAO gels in the same fashion and is able Nike Air Max Uptempo Sneakers

Q: Was this something that you could not change in the foreseeable future and that's why you had to decided to resign? Whatever this situation was.

Q: This council has digested two CAO's in the course of its lifetime. Is there a problem with the council setting their standards too high, or demands too high as far as CAO's are concerned?

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I've had a career where I have a very long municipal career. I have worked on projects to create them, I've done the forensic audits after projects have gone bad. And so, I know what due diligence steps are appropriate. And in my view I've learnt through the school of hard knocks that you need to work hard to protect taxpayers. I would suggest I have a very low tolerance in this area, very high ethical standards. I expect those standards to be met. And certainly, for the most part, we have met those standards and we do them every day. Every municipality across Ontario does that every day.

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We look after public funds and so there are very high ethical standards that we all aspire to. When you encounter a situation that doesn't meet with your ethical standards you can look to work to change it. If you can't change it, you can accept the lower standard, or you can leave an organization if it's really serious enough that you think it's something that you cannot live with.

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And so, these are not new issues that are raised with council, but certainly at some point you have to determine whether you can stay in an organization, or not and I made the decision that I believed that I needed to resign. And that may have a positive outcome that those in control will take the view that 'Hey this is really serious.' And I believe it's serious and so serious that I was prepared to put my career on the line.

A: I'm not prepared to comment on any of the details of the meeting on Friday. Certainly, I'm sure that in due course there will be lots of members of council who will weigh into this issue, but it's not appropriate for me to get into that issue.

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A: Well, when you quit there is no severance. Severance is really when you're fired. Nike Vapormax Dark Explorer Certainly, the rumour mill is that this that is a firing. The reason I wanted to clarify that I want to be very clear is I decided that it was appropriate for me to go at this time. It wasn't a question of council forcing me out of the organization.

I have a relationship with council. I provide my advice in private. I provide my resignation in private. They have all the information and it's really in their hands.

to bring the team together.

Q: How tough of a decision was this for you to make?

A: Well, certainly. I provide advice on a routine basis and that advice is sometimes accepted, sometimes not accepted. When it goes to ethics it's something you have to make a choice.

Q: You said in your letter (to city staff), you can't speak to the reason Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Duke Release Date

A: I don't think that's really a fair question in that the circumstances are completely different. The only comment I would make is: it is disruptive for an organization to change CAO's too frequently, but I don't think there's co relation between the two CAO's.

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you resigned, but that it had to do with professional ethics. Can you expand on that at all?

Q: And the ethics commissioner now is looking into this?

Certainly, I decided that I needed to resign. So, I can't get into the detail in terms of the advice I provided to city council. That was in confidence and I have an obligation to protect that. But certainly in my view, I have to be responsible for my own integrity. I needed to tender my resignation. So I did that.

A: Well, certainly everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I certainly have strong opinions and two people can look at the same set of facts and two people can make difference judgements on what's ethical and not.

And other financial finalities of course, because I won't receive the pension that I otherwise would have, but ethics does not come without cost. So certainly I felt so strongly that I needed to take action.

Q: Why did you decide to retire? I guess that's why you're not getting the severance package?

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Q: How disruptive is your departure going to be as far as the city operations are concerned?

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Q: You mentioned the phrase due diligence. The one project that comes to mind for everyone around here when you use that phrase is the recreation file. Can you comment on whether that was the focus of this issue, or was that the issue here?

A: Sure. In the public service we have a lot of responsibilities. A lot of trust placed in Nike Uptempo Chicago

A: I don't know that to be a fact. I read in the newspaper at least one member of council is suggesting to bring in the ethics commissioner. Certainly, that's the councillor's prerogative. (It's) not appropriate for staff to either advocate, or not. Certainly, I'm happy to co operate with the ethics commissioner and they can certainly render their own opinion for city council.

´╗┐CAO resigned over ethical decisions

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