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pull support of that if you were premier? asked a journalist.

question. Four times in a row. It dealt with the incongruity of Hudak starting his campaign in a recording studio while having gone on record as very much against the Liberals' 2013 budget part of which trumpeted the Ontario Music Fund, a $45 million chunk of assistance to Ontario's music industry. Anyway, let's look at some of the back and forth.

you consider supporting a fund like the Ontario Music Fund, or would you Undefeated Adidas Prophere

And they're off! (Sort of!) Kathleen, Andrea and Tim, three leaders who don't inspire, running in a race too many Ontarians don't really care about. For most of us it is tough to get excited about the June 12 provincial election.

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

sorry to push this point, replied the journalist, if you're here to use this (studio) as a backdrop and a photo op, don't you think you should address specifically a fund that Gil Nike Uptempo 97 Urban Haze

because it increased taxes and put us deep in debt, and if the 2014 budget had gone forward, I know Andrea Horwath from the NDP liked Nike Vapormax Laceless White the budget, they just didn't like the corruption, although they put up with it for two and a half years. very awkward, very clipped. So the journalist tried again. a follow up, what's your position specifically on the Ontario Music Fund, and financial supports like that? non reply: again, I think the biggest thing we can do to actually create jobs in the province of Ontario is to balance the budget. (Funny, the question what's the biggest thing we can do to actually create jobs in Ontario? was never asked.)

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

Hudak's forced smile and deer in the headlights look say he's not ready for the job. But when you consider some politicians who win, provincially and or federally, that assessment is not necessarily an insult.

Wrong. Moore's rock star stardust whatever amount he strutted with began to fade back in 1989 when Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett left the band. And, as the Global News footage of this event showed, Hudak is not a natural in front of a crowd, especially when that crowd has cameras, notepads and questions.

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Or, in reference to the awkward oozing above, just one Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Blue

Moore said helped him bring people here? another non answer. Then, the same specific question from a different journalist, which was met with another non answer. Then, after someone announced question, it was all over. Weird and quiet as opposed to upbeat and energetic.

Who knows. Maybe it was a simple invite from Moore and Hudak's strategists jumped on it in hoping that a little rock star elan would somehow lend an invigorating pulse to Hudak's presence.

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Nike Vapormax Laceless White

a good question, began Hudak. we voted against the 2013 budget

Still, in theory, anything can happen in a campaign. Fortunes can rise and, on the very first day out on the hustings if you are PC leader Tim Hudak fortunes can fall though in this case, not precipitously. No, we're talking more of the oozing kind, amounting to a slow mo demonstration of why Hudak is not ready to be premier of Canada's biggest and most important province.

Hudak on Monday launched the PC campaign ago at MetalWorks, a Mississauga recording studio built by the band Triumph a few decades ago, back when the band had actual oomph on radio station playlists. Its drummer Gil Moore still works there and he's a supporter of Hudak. But why MetalWorks?

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

´╗┐Campaign trail mistakes

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

Nike Vapormax Laceless White

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