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"The cameras are much less expensive now, so it's how many cameras do we put in?" Harwood said. "It will come down to dollars in those situations."

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Nike Vapormax Plus 2018

Of course, active monitoring would be Nike Air Uptempo 2016 Price

"East would be the perfect example," Harwood said. "It would be a considerable undertaking to have East look that way."

The "command center" is being placed in the Welcome Center because that's the district's central office and its computer network already is centered on the building. Infrastructure improvements were already needed, which also impacted the decision to begin security upgrades there instead of at a particular school board.

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Nike Vapormax Plus 2018

Making sure security systems can be extended is also important, as is making sure any such improvements do not quickly become obsolete.

Paying for the improvements, whether it's an alarm or changes to a building, will be a challenge as the district prepares for tighter budgets for the foreseeable future.

´╗┐Cameras anticipated as part of BPS security push

Nebraska Legislature passed up a measure to allow schools to levy an extra Nike Vapormax Plus 2018 one cent in property taxes for security improvements. Legislative Bill 346 had a hearing but did not Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 Freshwater

the district is looking to upgrade and expand its surveillance cameras as part of upgrades to the district's safety and security.

More limited improvements are also likely. For example, Bellevue Police Department Investigator Laurie Synowiecki, a spokeswoman for the department, said Bellevue East might benefit from an alarm system.

Recent bonds by Papillion La Vista and Millard both included money for security improvements, which in some cases were done in tandem with other facility projects. But Bellevue has used heavily impacted Impact Aid funding for such efforts in the past, money that is no longer going to be available from the federal government. Looking forward, Harwood said the district will have to decide on projects. BPS will also have to decide whether to work one building at a time or if there are upgrades that can be made at all buildings at once.

Such a lockout might be done in response to an alert from Bellevue police that they are conducting a manhunt. Time is of the essence in such a situation, Harwood said, because they are often resolved in minutes including the time the district spends to get word out to building administrators.

When the burglars broke into Bellevue East on July 11, the suspects rummaged through the school's office, where surveillance tapes currently are stored.

The district's was already conducting a security audit when the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. A committee directed by Assistant Superintendent Jeff Rippe is tasked with looking at specific options equipment, procedures and best practices to recommend to make BPS buildings safer.

Beyond cameras, the district is considering using remote door locks, which would potentially allow BPS to respond to an incident by locking down every building at once.

"It would have been easier for us to get ready video for the police," Harwood said. "If it's not on site, then that helps secure the video."

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Nike Vapormax Plus 2018

The school board approved giving $39,837.51 to Prime Communications for a new video surveillance system in June.

The camera feeds would cycle a few at a time to the Welcome Center's secretary, who would keep an eye on them while performing other tasks similar to how cameras are monitored but not actively watched in the buildings now.

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"The system would allow for that, but that would be an additional expense that we're not considering at this time," Harwood said.

Not everything remains in the planning stage, though. Infrastructure is being put in place anticipating an overhaul of the district's surveillance cameras and improvements designed to better limit access to buildings.

A similar change would require a dramatic redesign of the entrance at Bellevue East, where the main door opens to a wide space and a staircase that blocks the view of the attendance and deans offices. The space near the entrance is also used as a polling site during elections, a potential security risk school districts are mulling.

Depending on what Rippe's committee recommends and what the school board ultimately decides to do, Harwood said costs might become a significant factor in the safety upgrades. But the district has an idea of what options are on the table.

"With the touch of a button, we could put the entire district in lock down all at once," Harwood right. "Right now, we'd be calling all the buildings or emailing and following up, and that takes some time."

Upgraded cameras will also provide much higher definition images for significantly less money than in the past. Nevertheless, the added benefits of cameras must be balanced with the costs.

Superintendent Frank Harwood said Nike Air Uptempo All White

possible with the system, but personnel costs would keep the district from routinely watching every feed.

Nike Vapormax Plus 2018

"Even motion sensors that would alarm and limit the amount of time a burglar would spend inside the building," Synowiecki said.

For example, the committee might follow in Papillion La Vista's and Millard's footsteps in recommending the entrance to school buildings be locked down so anyone entering the building during school hours must pass through the administrative office similar to how Bellevue West High School already operates.

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However, students tasked with finishing "1984" before school resumes don't need to panic. The goal is not to create an Orwellian web of constantly monitored cameras but to give the district the ability to tune in when something is going on at the building.

Unfortunately, the video is pixelated and fails to show a sharp image of the two suspects. That's likely to change in the coming months, though, as Bellevue Public Schools proceeds with a review of security in its buildings.

advance out of the Revenue Committee, leaving schools to use existing money from their general funds for improvements or to issue bonds.

Nike Vapormax Plus 2018

"My only hope is that, if we start it off here, by the time it's completed this initial phase isn't outdated," board member Frank Kumor said in June.

Nike Vapormax Plus 2018

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