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3) Can there be different standards that reflect group or individual differences and capacities?

It states that "Organizations and Institutions have a responsibility to be aware of Nike Vapormax Rainbow whether their practices, policies and programs have a negative impact or result in systemic discrimination against people or groups employed by the Code"14. They must have an anti discrimination program with the following components:

Removing the "Canadian Experience" Barrier: OHRC's new policyThe Ontario Human Rights Commission has released a new policy which maintains that having a strict requirement for Canadian Experience is prima facie discriminatory against newcomers who are often excluded from positions that reflect their educational background and professional competencies. "arbitrary requirements for "Canadian experience". The policy underscores that this requirement can be used "as a short cut, or a proxy, to measure a person's competence and skills". Even if this is not the case, and the requirement has been adopted in good faith, the Policy states that Canadian experience is "not a reliable way to assess a person's skills or abilities" and that, in fact, "imposing requirements of this nature may contravene the Code" (p. 11). Employers who continue to require that their applicant have Canadian experience will be forced to establish that "Canadian experience" is bona fide occupational requirement using the Meiorin three part test. They will therefore have Nike Air More Uptempo Preschool

2) Why were viable alternatives not implemented?

1) Was adopted for a purpose or goal that is rationally connected to the function being performed

4) Can an organization's legitimate objectives be met in a less discriminatory way?

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Legal Test Nike Air More Uptempo Hoh

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To determine the possibility of accommodation to the point of undue hardship, the employer would need to consider the following questions:

3) Is reasonably necessary to accomplish its purpose or goal, because it is impossible to accommodate the claimant without undue hardship

to show that the requirement "

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1) Did the person responsible for accommodation investigate alternative approaches that do not have a discriminatory effect?

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6) Have all the people who are obliged to assist in the search for accommodation fulfilled their role? (12)The policy also talks about the responsibility of organizations and institutions to ensure that barriers to participation are removed.

belief that it is needed to fulfill the purpose or goal

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´╗┐Canadian Experience Barrier

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for Undue Hardship

2) Was adopted in good faith, in the Adidas Prophere New Colors

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5) Is the standard designed to make sure the desired qualification is met without placing undue burden on the people it applies to?

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Legal Test for Bona Fide Occupational Requirements

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