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In the town of Yarmouth, 120 people voted for the ANS seat in 2004; 130 in 2008. This year 414 people voted. The 2006 census shows 295 Black people.

There was no election for the regular school board seat for that area Ron Hines was returned by acclamation.

Fells believes the Black community needs Nike Uptempo Teal

´╗┐Candidate contests results for African Nova Scotian school board seat

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Nike Vapormax Tn

"I'm looking forward to representing the African Nova Scotians and any parent at all," said Lawrence. "They can call me anytime with their concerns."

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Nike Vapormax Tn

Wow this is a tough issue to deal with. How do we go about separating the issues here? Clearly the goal is to have a black representative for the black community but how on earth does that get done fairly and with respect to human rights laws and the spirit of human rights and anti racist decisions? You can't start forcing people to "prove" they have the right ancestry, that have a tone of apartheid to it. Then what about the matter of very light colour people with African Canadian ancestry? Is someone going to challenge them "you're not black enough", etc? Ouch! Do people have to carry a "status card" sort of thing? Rev Fells that's a horrible idea. Next thing, people will be wearing little patches of cloth sewn on their clothing.

"Plus voter turnout was up all across the province thanks to electronic voting and that probably contributed," says Lawrence. "And there are a lot of white parents of black children throughout south west nova."

is eligible.

He says the Black community protested at Province House in Halifax for the right to elect representatives to sit on school boards to address the unique challenges and concerns of their community.

At a polling station, voters are also asked to self identify. They simply ask for the ballot but there is no requirement for proof the voter Nike Air More Uptempo Olympic For Sale

Darlene Lawrence says Fells has the right to challenge the results.

He says he will be engaging a lawyer and will ask the Supreme Court of Canada to void the election.

No one in the District of Argyle voted for the ANS seat in 2004 or 2008. This year 150 voted. The 2006 census only shows 60 Black people in the District.

"The system is broke and it needs to be fixed," says Fells.

Fells says the district returning officer should have stopped the election and flagged the irregularities.

one in Clare voted for the ANS seat in 2004 and five people cast ballots in 2008. This year 157 people voted. The 2006 census shows 85 Black people.

Same in Clare where Alvin Comeau was returned to the school board by acclamation. No Nike Air More Uptempo 2016 Retail Price

According to the 2006 census, there were 1,125 Black people in Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne counties. Perhaps 88 per cent of them would be 19 and over for a rough number of 990.

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"We live in a democratic country," she told the Courier on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 22. "Anyone can contest anything, but how is he going to prove it?"

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"Now we're right back in the same position we started in, we don't have the power to say who represents us."

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Nike Vapormax Tn

"If someone is tempted to commit voter fraud, either by phone or over the computer, maybe they think it can't be traced, it is easier to do," says Fells. "I'm visibly African, I'm visibly Black, I'm not going to walk into a poll station and ask to vote for the Acadian seat, but if I can do it by a phone call"

"It's clear a lot of people voted who shouldn't have," says Fells. "They are taking away the right of the Black community to send their own representative to the board."

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She says she had a decisive win and is looking forward to taking her seat on the school board.

Rev. Michael Alden Fells, who has held the seat since 2004, says the number of votes cast in this election would mean almost 100 per cent of eligible voters voted.

Marie Atkinson, the district returning officer, would only say that she will not be flagging the election as irregular.

Fells, the incumbent received 351 votes; Nike Vapormax Tn Darlene Lawrence 570; for a total of 921 votes.

She says accurate up to date numbers are hard to come by.

Fells says electronic voting makes it too easy for people to do the wrong thing.

an identification system similar to the identification cards carried by First Nations.

Lawrence says the election system in general might need some improving, but not enough to justify calling for a whole new election.

There is nothing in the system to stop anyone from voting for the ANS seat the system simply asks voters if they are eligible.

"The only comment I can make is that the election went well, everyone was happy to vote, and the voting process went the way it was supposed to," she told the Courier Tuesday morning, Oct. 22.

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